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Remote video therapy sessions are an excellent way to continue to care for your mental health anytime you’re unable to attend an in-person session. For example: traveling married couples, during social distancing, during extreme weather events, etc. Remote video therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person treatment.

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What Are The Benefits Of Remote Therapy?

Remote therapy is a great alternative to in-person therapy for many reasons.

  • Transportation Difficulties – Getting to and from a therapist’s office may not be easy for everyone. If you don’t have a car and must rely on public transportation, it can be time-consuming and difficult. With different train, subway, and bus schedules, you may never make it. Remote therapy allows you to still make your therapy session without having to worry about how you are going to get there.
  • Social Distancing / Quarantine / Sick At Home Anytime you need to stay home for health reasons you can continue or even begin therapy sessions. Being stuck at home can become stressful for individuals, families, and married couples. Zoom technology allows us to offer the same high quality and HIPPA compliant care as our in-person sessions. 
  • Caretaker Therapy Caretaking for sick or injured family members is an extremely important and difficult job. Caretakers often don’t get the luxury to clock-out from their jobs. When they are able to leave the home, it’s often for a limited time. 
  • Location Restrictions – Maybe you have found a therapist you like but their office is not close to you. If you live in a remote area you may have limited mental health practices. With remote video therapy, you can find a great therapist anywhere. You don’t have to worry about where you live to ensure that you are taking care of your mental health.
  • Physical Limitations – If you are disabled in any way, getting to an office for an appointment can prove difficult. With remote video therapy, the therapist comes to you. Taking care of both your physical and mental well-being has never been easier.
  • Convenience – With busy schedules, it is not always easy to see your therapists as much as you would like. Sometimes you just make it home from work to have dinner and spend time with your family. With no travel time, remote therapy is convenient. Even if you have a million things to do you can always find a place to stop and speak to your therapist even for just a short amount of time.
  • The Comfort Of Your Own Home – For some people speaking about personal issues is easier when in a comfortable familiar space. Remote therapy allows you to sit in your favorite chair, sip on tea, or even be in your pajamas. Being comfortable so that you can speak openly to a therapist is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

Who Can Benefit From Remote Therapy?

At North Brooklyn Marriage and Family, we see both individuals and couples. Remote therapy is great if you are alone or working with your partner to strengthen a relationship. 

HIPAA Compliant Zoom

All of our remote sessions are available through the platform Zoom. Zoom is the number one video platform for medical professionals.

It is easy to use and offers the best video and audio quality. It is also ideal for multiple participants. If you are scheduling marriage therapy sessions and you and your partner cannot be in the same room together, it is no problem. Zoom rooms create an easy way to add multiple people into one video chat space.

All you need is a computer or smartphone. You log into the Zoom app and you are ready to go.

Where Can You Use Zoom Video Platform For Therapy?

Zoom video platform remote therapy

Remote therapy sessions allow you to continue to take care of your mental health no matter where you are. This means even if you are traveling and staying in a hotel you never have to miss a session. 

If you’re home with family, you can take Zoom with you to your office space, bedroom, or even bathroom. Just find a space where you can have a little quiet time. 

Can’t quite make it home in time for your remote session? No problem. With the Zoom phone app, you could even make your remote therapy appointment in your parked car.

What We Do

At Northbrooklyn Marriage and Family Therapy, we offer individual and couples therapy from licensed marriage and family therapists. We specialize in communication and conflict resolution problems, infidelity, addiction, codependency, and sexual issues.

Video therapy is a great way to continue to take care of your mental health while getting the individual and relationship services you need. We offer remote sessions available through HIPAA compliant platform Zoom. This service is available to all of our clients with all of our therapists.

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How Much Does Remote Therapy Cost?

The price of therapy varies. Please contact us today and we can provide you with a quote.

What Do I Need To Use Zoom?

A computer with speakers and a microphone. It can also be used on any iOS or Android mobile device.

Is Remote Therapy As Effective As In-Person?

The success of therapy, in general, is often dependent on you. While it can be easy to get distracted especially if you are in a crowd or at home with many people, remote therapy can work. Most of our clients report feeling just as satisfied and comfortable proceeding with remote sessions as they do in-person.