Eric Rosenblum, MFT

Eric believes therapy is most effective when there is warmth, trust, and excitement
around the possibility of change. Eric works with couples, adult individuals, adolescents, and
families around issues, including anxiety and depression, as well as sexual and relationship
Eric has trained extensively in sex therapy and child and adolescent therapy. Mindfulness
training is an essential aspect of his approach; Eric often urges clients to explore practices such
as meditation and yoga, as he believes these can help open one’s mind and free oneself
of unhelpful habits of thought. Eric sees clients of all races, religions, gender identities, and
sexual orientations. He is kink and sex-positive.
In addition to his work as a therapist, Eric is a widely published writer of fiction and non-fiction
and an adjunct associate professor of writing at Pratt Institute. He holds an MFA in fiction
writing from Syracuse University, and his work has appeared in the New Yorker, the Paris
Review Daily, the Chicago Tribune, and many other magazines and journals. Eric enjoys bringing
his experience as a writer and writing teacher into the therapy room, particularly when working
with clients in the arts and other creative fields.