Rhianna Belair, LMFT

Rhianna believes that therapy is a profoundly unique experience and seeks to provide a safe space by building trust and authenticity within her therapy practice. Her compassion, warmth, and directive nature are at the core of her practice and infuse her method of therapy. She has a reverence for the growth that exists when a person surrenders to the process, so she strives to be wholly present and engaged with her clients, meeting them where they are.

Rhianna utilizes a client-centered approach in her practice, crafting goals that are specific and attainable to each client. She is skilled with trauma, advocacy, and empowering clients in their time of need. She will be there with you to process difficult feelings, providing a safe and informative environment that is reinforced within the therapeutic relationship. Rhianna uses various theoretical approaches. She is trained in brainspotting, and works with mood disorders, trauma histories, relationship issues, postpartum, life transitions, and parenting. She treats individuals, couples, families, and children.

Rhianna’s work with children includes an emphasis on children ages 5-17. She works with the child, utilizing and incorporating the family, as the child is part of a larger system. She has a very specific and driven approach, which includes the family system, and treats the child as the center of that system. She remains adaptive, using interventions that allow the client to feel safe, grounded, and engaged. Her experience with children ranges from divorce, social issues, emotional coping, trauma, gifted and talented, sensory processing, ADHD, and developing EQ.

Rhianna is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, holding licenses in the states of New York and California. She received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California, where she received a HRSA grant for her work in preventing behavioral disorders amongst children within the school system. From there she continued her postgraduate work in elementary and middle schools and continued onto private practice, serving adults, couples, families, and children.