Jem Wong, MFT

Jem’s therapeutic focus is on improving the quality of relationships in one’s life. Relationships involve your experience with yourself and others and may include food, sexuality, your body, work, money, and drugs and alcohol. By getting curious about real-time thoughts and feelings, Jem then helps you recognize patterns and larger stories that you carry about yourself and relationships. This allows for more conscious choices, with the purpose of building new or upon existing skills to express a client’s true potential and more fulfilling life.

Jem approaches partners with an understanding that people vary in their need for intimacy and closeness and that these differences can create conflict. She aims to help partners interact with a better-developed understanding of each others’ inner workings, helping transform conflict into opportunities for deeper intimacy and connection.

Jem aims to co-create a space with you where you will feel understood, supported, and validated in a safe and empowering way. Her background as a former CPA in the fast-paced financial sector, academic researcher and a plethora of lived experience has made her well-rounded in her work. She also incorporates elements from her background as an experienced meditation and yoga teacher.