Margaret Bolan, MFT

Committed to helping all people reach their fullest potential, Margaret’s passion for helping others through therapy began in high school. She served as a peer group counselor for her fellow teenagers and, while in college, continued her efforts by working as a domestic violence and rape crisis counselor. For Margaret, the therapeutic process IS the pathway to a person’s full potential.

Margaret is in her 6th year of work as a School Psychologist for New York City’s Department of Education. Through her work with children with educational disabilities, she has learned how to tailor plans to each individual and their struggles, rather than provide a textbook solution for a “typical difficulty.”

Margaret works collaboratively with clients to create SMART goals — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and anchored within a Time frame.

Her ultimate goal is to ensure all those around her receive the necessary support to ensure their greatest success. She employs her comprehensive CBT and Trauma Therapy training from the Child Mind Institute in her daily interactions and is cognizant of how childhood trauma affects all areas of life.

She is also a registered yoga teacher with a passion for physical activity and its effects on mental health. This unique lens allows Margaret to work with her clients to discover the root of their struggles and combat difficulties with a variety of interventions.

Margaret listens with an open mind and is passionate about providing clients with the necessary tools to lead their best life.