What to Expect During Your First Couples Therapy Session


Photo by Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash


Every couple is different. Some are experienced in therapy and know what to expect, while their partner has never been in therapy in any capacity. Whether you’ve been in individual therapy before or not, marriage counseling is different because you’re adding another person to the session. In individual therapy sessions, it’s all about your feelings. However, with couples therapy, you now have another person in the room whose feelings you all have to take into account. You’re working toward a common goal rather than an individual goal. Here’s what you can expect during your first couples therapy session.


1. Feeling Anxious

It’s totally normal to feel anxious and nervous going into your first session. Therapy is a very vulnerable place and not everyone feels comfortable opening up immediately. Just remember that when you go into therapy with your partner that you two are working together against the problem not working against each other.


2. Raw Emotions

Because therapy is a safe place for you to express yourself, remember that some very raw emotions might come out during the first session and subsequent sessions thereafter. Don’t let the emotions scare you off. Come ready to open yourself up to your partner and let them in. Couples therapy can help you and your partner build a new level of intimacy towards each other.


3. You Choose Your Goals

The goal of marriage counseling isn’t always to “save the marriage.’ In fact, the goal is completely determined by you. Sometimes the goal is to just figure out how to communicate better, how to create more intimacy in the marriage, or learning to grieve together. Marriage counseling is by no means an indicator that your marriage is on the brink of disaster. You can determine your goals before going into therapy or outline them with the counselor together as a team.


4. You Will Have Homework

Yes, that’s right. You will have homework, even after your first session. Marriage counseling is for the ones that are serious and ready to put in the work. If you’re not ready or willing to do the homework, then there’s no point in coming to counseling. Homework will be a team effort and you and your partner are in this group project together!

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