3 Ways To Enrich Your Marriage


enrich your marriage


It might come as a surprise to many people that just because you fall in love and marry someone doesn’t mean that love is going to last forever. Partners are often afraid to admit that they feel as if something is missing from their marriage. They find themselves asking, “why can’t it go back to the way it was in the beginning?” A successful marriage isn’t a fairy tale like the books and movies would have you believe. A successful marriage is about building a meaningful relationship that is full of rich, beautiful connections.


1. Sharing is Caring

Sharing a common dream, vision, or goal for the life that you two want to live together can give both of you a healthy perspective. When couples have that shared dream, the ups and downs of life don’t seem so bad. By creating a larger context of the meaning of life within your relationship, you two can avoid dwelling on the bad things and focus on the bigger picture.


2. Talk it Out

Talking about your shared vision can help to foster attunement. By taking the time to process your dreams together, ultimately, it will bring you closer. An important goal within a marriage is to build and establish an atmosphere where each partner can feel comfortable talking about their emotions and convictions openly. Couples openly about what makes them happy and what their dreams might be are likely to be happier and less likely to be struggling.


3. Creating Rituals

Daily or weekly rituals where you two can connect one on one will enable you to build shared meaning with each other. Take the time to be together doing enjoyable activities that bring you both pleasure. This can be anything from cooking weekly dinners to exploring new towns and even catching up on your shared favorited television shows. It’s so important for couples to make that commitment to spending time with each other. This also includes saying goodbye in the morning and hello in the evening.


Having a happy and successful marriage does take work. It’s not always going to be rainbows and sunshine all the time. Even though there are going to be hard days but that means there are also going to be easy days. By using this tips to enrich your marriage, you can help to foster a stronger bond with your marriage. Whether you choose actions that are big or small, know that each form of effort you put in will help to build a stronger and happier and more fulfilling connection.