How To Keep Your Relationship Strong When You Both Work At Home?

Coronavirus quarantining has forced us to spend more time alone with our partners than ever before. Daily activities like work, parenting, and social time mean we need to figure out a way to get along all day long. For many people living in a small space, this means even in the same room. As things open up, many of us will still remain working at home for a long time to come. Being at home all day together has challenges for couples

It can be very difficult for couples who are used to busy schedules and spending only portions of their day together. Now we are spending morning, noon, and night with each other and during an incredibly stressful time in our world.

Couples Counseling In The New York Area

Couples Counseling In The New York Area

How Can You Keep Your Relationship Strong?

Small Annoyances

Spending so much time together in close quarters can make the smallest things annoying.  Things like chewing food loudly or whistling every morning could have you wanting to pull your hair out. The most important thing you can do is talk about it. Communication is essential. You don’t want small annoyances to turn into anger. 

Create Space

Creating space may seem impossible if you live in a small place, but it’s important to feel independent and not do everything together.  If you cannot physically move away from each other, balance out how you spend time together. A good example would be not watching every show or movie together. Let your partner pick a night they want to watch something while you spend time at the kitchen table reading or any other hobby that allows you space.

Keep The Romance Alive

When you are stuck inside day in and day out, it can be difficult to feel romantic. A fun idea is to schedule date nights. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your house. It’s all about spending quality time together. Throw a blanket on the floor for an indoor picnic. Turn your TV, computer, and cellphones off and do something together like play cards or paint. Anything that allows you to shut out the world and create time for just the two of you.

Acts Of Kindness

It’s easy to forget during stressful times that you are in this together. Showing your appreciation towards your partner will come back to you tenfold. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but small things like surprising your partner with coffee and snacks while they are working, paying compliments for no reason, or running to the store so they can rest are all simple ways to show how much you care.

How To Handle Arguments

  • Schedule Your Arguments – This may sound like a strange thing to do, but it can be the best way to get out your frustrations at the right time for discussion. It can also be a healthier way to deal with things if you have children quarantined with you in a small apartment. Children are also dealing with a lot and hearing their parents argue won’t help the difficulties at hand. 
  • Establish Your Needs – Asking for what you want and need in your relationship is not  bad. Now that you are spending so much time together, your needs may be changing. Open up a conversation with your partner, acknowledging how what you need is different than before. If you are not reminding them of their shortcomings, it should be an easy conversation.
Couples Therapy In New York

Couples Therapy In New York

Couples Therapy

What can you expect if you decide that counseling is the best idea for you? The main goal of marriage or couples therapy is to help eliminate conflict and improve your overall relationship. You will learn introspective insights into each other and the relationship.

Counseling for you and your partner is provided by experienced and licensed therapists, focusing on relationships and relationship building. In most cases, you’ll attend therapy sessions with your significant other. There may be occasions where you might be asked to attend individually. 

Why North Brooklyn?

At North Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy, located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, they have a staff of experienced and licensed therapists. We offer couples therapy to people all over the New York City metro area.

Our therapists are available via Zoom virtual sessions so that you can still receive the assistance you need during this unprecedented time. 

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