New Year’s Resolutions to Change Your Family

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As the new year unfolds, there’s a collective sense of enthusiasm to dive into those New Year’s resolutions. While certain goals are inherently personal, some become more achievable when embraced as family resolutions. Whether aiming to shed a few pounds, unearth unique creative talents, or simply prioritize getting more rest, there’s a special synergy when families join forces in pursuit of common objectives. 

Collaborative efforts foster a supportive environment where accountability and connection thrive, significantly enhancing the likelihood of sustained changes. Surprisingly, statistics indicate that merely 9% of Americans manage to uphold their New Year’s resolutions. To kick off the year on a positive note, here are 10 resolutions tailor-made for you and your family to wholeheartedly commit to.

10 family resolutions to inspire positive change

10 New Year's Resolutions to change your family.

1. Go to Bed at the Same Time

We all know the struggle – who wouldn’t welcome a bit more shut-eye? It’s not just a luxury; it’s a vital ingredient for both kids and adults to tackle the demands of our daily routines. Typically, bedtimes are seen as more of a loose suggestion for grown-ups and a strict rule for the little ones. But what if we turn the tables a bit? 

How about making it a family affair – a universal lights-out time for everyone. Imagine the tranquility and the potential for some additional precious Z’s. Making this a fresh addition to your family New Year’s resolutions might just be the game-changer in promoting overall well-being.

Why not give it a whirl for a week and experience the rejuvenating effects of a collective lights-out commitment? It could be the start of a sleep revolution in your household, with everyone reaping the benefits of those extra hours of rest. 

2. Create and Eat Meals Together

Whether you’re a parent to little ones or teens, nurturing the practice of both planning and enjoying meals together can strengthen the ties within your family. Take a hiatus from the screens – power down the TV and let the phones take a break on their chargers. This presents a wonderful chance to relish each other’s company while collaboratively orchestrating meals with this family resolution. 

In the kitchen, foster a sense of autonomy for children as they contribute ideas and take part in the decision-making process. This transforms the family kitchen into a vibrant center of connection, where you not only share the satisfaction of the final dish but also revel in the joy of co-creating as a family. These moments underscore that in the realm of culinary creation, the best company is undoubtedly family.

3. Replace Soda with Water

Too much soda is bad for everyone, especially children. Not only is it bad for your health, it can put a serious dent in your grocery bill if you’re buying it every week. Swapping out soda for water can help change family habits while you save dollars and calories. If you’re still craving that carbonated goodness, try plain soda water instead. It has zero sugar and zero calories. It’s all the fun of bubbles without the guilt of sugar.

4. Schedule Reading Time

Family reading time is a treasure trove of joys and benefits that extend far beyond the pages of a book. It’s a magical journey where imaginations come alive, weaving stories that captivate both young and old. Beyond the pure pleasure of a good story, this shared activity serves as a powerful educational tool, expanding vocabularies, fostering comprehension skills, and nurturing a love for learning.

As family members immerse themselves in different worlds through literature, they acquire essential life skills such as empathy, critical thinking, and communication. The bonds formed during these reading sessions create a unique connection, a shared experience that lingers in the hearts of each family member. In the realm of family reading, the simple act of turning pages becomes a gateway to a world of joys, education, life skills, and a lasting familial connection. 

5. Exercise Together

Embracing family exercise behaviors not only promotes physical health but also cultivates a holistic well-being that extends to the realms of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Engaging in physical activities together fosters a sense of connection among family members, creating shared experiences that strengthen bonds and build a supportive environment. As the family collectively prioritizes exercise, mental health reaps the rewards, with reduced stress, increased mood, and enhanced cognitive function becoming tangible benefits. 

From a physical perspective, regular exercise contributes to improved cardiovascular health, strength, and overall vitality for each family member. Moreover, the spiritual dimension is nurtured as the family embraces the natural surroundings during outdoor activities, fostering a sense of unity with nature. Through the harmonious integration of connection and physical activity, family exercise behaviors become a catalyst for the holistic growth of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

6. Practice Gratitude

An excellent method to foster connection and transform family narratives is by incorporating gratitude perspectives into the family story as part of your family resolutions. In one of our earlier blog posts, we explored ways in which families can enhance gratitude and strengthen their bonds by adopting the habit of acknowledging three moments of beauty each day. Whether through a text in the moment or as part of your nightly routine, initiating a practice of sharing beautiful moments from each day can profoundly impact and change family perspectives. Consider making this a part of your family new year’s resolutions to further enhance the positive changes within your familial relationships.

7. Change Family Relationship to Mindfulness

To change family mindfulness habits, it will involve a collective commitment to fostering awareness and presence in everyday life. Begin by introducing simple yet impactful practices that encourage mindful living. Incorporate moments of shared reflection, such as daily gratitude exercises or mindfulness exercises, into your routine. Create a dedicated space in your home for meditation or quiet contemplation, providing family members with a peaceful retreat for self-awareness. 

Encourage open communication about the benefits of mindfulness and its positive effects on mental well-being. Consider engaging in mindful activities together, such as nature walks, deep-breathing exercises, or mindful eating during family meals. By collectively embracing mindfulness as a family value and integrating mindful practices into daily life, you can instill a sense of calm, presence, and connectedness within the family unit. Check out for even more ideas of how to strengthen your family’s new year’s mindfulness resolutions.

8. Increase Family Time

Establishing dedicated family time, be it an afternoon or evening each week, as a family resolution, has the power to create enduring memories. Whether you choose to indulge in a movie night, order take-out, engage in a lively game night, or embark on a weekly family bike ride, the essence lies in designating at least one day a week for shared togetherness. Utilize this time to unwind and engage in meaningful conversations with one another. You might uncover surprising aspects about your kids during these special moments or witness the deepening of familial connections. 

Additionally, consider incorporating various activities into your designated family time, such as attending community events like concerts or local festivals, making rainy or snowy days special with indoor activities, or prioritizing family meals, even if it’s just once or twice a week, as research consistently highlights the positive impact of shared meals on children. For more information and in-depth ideas on increasing family time, check out this excellent article by VeryWell Family.

9. Strengthen Life Skills Together

Growing as a family is all about picking up some key skills along the way. Think of it like this: getting the hang of Focus and Emotion Regulation helps everyone in the family tackle challenges with a mix of resilience and growth. Perspective-Taking is like putting on someone else’s shoes, it builds empathy and makes your family connections stronger. And hey, Effective Communication is like the glue that holds everything together, making sure everyone gets each other. 

Making Connections is about more than just small talk; it’s building a solid, supportive network within your own crew. Critical Thinking is like your family’s superhero power for making smart decisions and solving problems. When you tackle Challenges together, it’s like a team-building exercise, leaving everyone with a feeling of shared success. Oh, and don’t forget about embracing Self-Directed, Engaged Learning – it’s like a family quest for knowledge and skills. So, as a family, when you make these skills a priority, you’re not just growing individually; you’re building up your unity, resilience, and the power to succeed together. To learn more about these skills and more, visit this wonderful article from Bright Horizons

10. Journal To Keep Track of Family Change

Embarking on the journey of keeping a family journal is a beautiful and bonding activity that serves as more than just a record—it becomes a living testament to the growth and changes within your family. Designating a regular time for your family to gather and share their weekly experiences creates a shared narrative, capturing the moments that make your individual and collective lives special. This journal not only acts as a record of memories but also fosters a deeper connection among family members. It becomes a cherished space where stories unfold, creating a rich tapestry of the unique and wonderful things that shape your family’s journey together. 

Bringing It All Together as a Family in the New Year

As we step into the new year, the prospect of family change and growth becomes a shared adventure. The journey towards fulfilling New Year’s resolutions takes on a special meaning when approached collectively as Family Resolutions. From establishing healthy habits like going to bed at the same time and eating meals together to fostering mindfulness and strengthening life skills, each resolution becomes a thread in the fabric of family well-being. 

The statistics remind us that only a small percentage of individuals manage to keep their resolutions, but as a united front, families can enhance their accountability and connection, increasing the likelihood of success. Beyond individual goals, dedicating time for shared experiences, such as family activities and dedicated family time, creates enduring memories and deepens familial bonds. 

The practice of journaling emerges as a powerful tool, not just to keep track of changes but to weave a living narrative of the unique and wonderful moments that shape the family’s collective journey. 

For additional support and guidance in navigating these resolutions, consider reaching out to North Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy for family sessions. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and strategies to help families stay committed to their goals and foster growth throughout the year. Embracing these resolutions collectively, with the assistance of professional support, families pave the way for a year filled with growth, connection, and shared success.