Diane Grogan, Intern

Diane is enthusiastic about working collaboratively with her clients to help them understand, develop, and improve the tools needed to navigate their lives and relationships. She believes in providing a warm, compassionate, and safe space for her clients to feel comfortable expressing and working through their emotions. Through her experiences, she finds it is hard to understand oneself and others without looking at the systems in which they exist, hence her systemic lens and approach to therapy. She aims to look at and work through patterns of interaction and emotional experiences to help clients reach their goals. She is excited to be part of each client’s journey of growth.

Her professional background in hospitality gives her extensive interpersonal skills and a love for working with people from all different backgrounds. She is eager to use her knowledge and growing skills to help individuals, couples, and families. Diane is currently a graduate student pursuing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Syracuse University.