Emily Shapiro, LMFT

Emily sees individuals, couples, and families through a systemic lens with the understanding that most issues people face are relational and that healing comes from connection.  Emily draws from multiple therapy models including Emotionally Focused, Narrative, Mindfulness, and Improv Therapy, with a particular sensitivity to multicultural backgrounds.  She is an actively engaged therapist who is particularly fond of the saying, “A family that laughs together, lasts together.”

Emily has offered a variety of groups including: Improv for Couples, Emerging Parents (for new parents), Old Moms Group (for mothers of adult children), and To Halve and To Whole (divorce support group).

In addition to her education and training, Emily draws from her vast and varied life experience.  She comes to the therapy profession after a significant career in children’s entertainment, childbirth, and parenting work. She wrote and designed interactive content for parenting websites, taught natural childbirth and parenting education classes, and was a labor support doula. Concurrently, she co-created and ran the New York International Children’s Film Festival and was Director of Children’s Programming for a network of podcasts.  All of her work past and present has centered around parents and families.  “Now that my third and youngest child is launched, I am focusing on how I want to spend the rest of my professional life: helping people foster and maintain safe and loving relationships.”