What is premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling is one of the tools you can use to become a better communicator as well as understand the needs of you and your partner.

This type of counseling can decrease your chances of having conflict in your relationship, and it can also prepare you to make a smooth transition to married life.

In this blog post, we’re looking at a few ways premarital counseling can benefit you!

It can force you to discuss touchy topics that you would otherwise avoid

Touchy subjects include debt, religion, or even the desire to have children. It may seem silly to some, but there are many couples that try to hide or diminish certain aspects about themselves.

For example, your partner may have agreed to have children, but deep down he or she hates the idea of rearing them. Pre-marital counseling can help bring some of these feelings to the surface.

It gives you an outside view of how your relationship looks like

Maybe you’re idealizing your partner and overlooking differences that may put your future marriage in danger, or maybe you have trust issues. An outside view from a therapist can help you develop a more realistic image of your relationship.

It provides realistic expectations about marriage

Mass media, literature, and movies project a skewed version of what marriage looks like. This can lead to unrealistic expectations about how marriage will impact your life. Being married doesn’t automatically make you happy, and while it can increase your happiness level, it’s far from a solution to all of your problems.

Wrapping up

Divorce rates are up to 50% in the U.S, and sometimes it’s better to prevent the problem from arising than treating it after the fact.

Pre-marital counseling can reveal some of the quirks of both partners and address them before they become an issue. Plus, it can give you effective tools to deal with conflict as well as help you communicate better and build a beautiful life with your partner.

If you believe you can benefit from pre-marital counseling, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.