How to Avoid or Manage “Summer Depression”


Depression Therapy


With the warm weather upon us, it’s difficult to fathom that some individuals can be negatively affected around this time of year. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in Summer—or “Summer Depression”—which according to WebMD, affects up to 10% of people. Experts aren’t exactly sure why the summer may cause depression. But it may have something to do with the longer days, and increasing heat and humidity.

What Causes SAD?

Specific symptoms of summer depression often include loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, and anxiety, according to WebMD. Some other triggers of SAD can include:

  • Financial worries – Financial worries are, likely, a constant worry for some people. However, during the summer, the thought of having to pay for that expensive trip to Disney World you’ve been promising the family may just set your nerves over the edge.
  • Increased temperature – Many people love to soak up the sun, while others would much rather hangout in the shade or inside. For the latter, the sun can be seen as oppressive with many retreating to the comfort of the air conditioning and the couch.
  • Body insecurities – You see the term everywhere: beach body. And you realize yours could probably use some work. That’s when the body image woes come into play and the stress of trying to look perfect in that bikini or those trunks gets the best of you.
  • Disputing summertime schedules – With the kids out of school and the summertime activities about to begin, trying to keep up with everyone’s changing schedules can be stressful.

What Are Some Coping Tips Before Depression Therapy?

If you’re unsure what you’re experiencing is actually SAD, here are a few tips that may help you before you seek the advice of a professional.

Planning ahead

Planning ahead for a summer vacation can be a good way to avoid or relieve feelings of SAD in the summertime. Making sure you have an idea of where you’re going, how you’ll get there and how much you’ll spend can take away that fear of the unknown.


Getting a good night’s sleep can help with stress overall. And it can also help you avoid SAD by rejuvenating your body and mind. It’s always good to get plenty of sleep with the longer days and shorter nights.

Let North Brooklyn help

If at the end of the day you find that depression therapy is the best course of action for you, let North Brooklyn Marriage and Family Therapy assist. Our licensed and professional therapists are here to help you get back to enjoying your summer without the word of season effective disorder. Make your appointment today.