Finding The Right Treatment For Depression



Depression isn’t a one size fits all illness, so that means there is no one size fits all treatment plan. What works for one person may not exactly work for you. The best and most effective way to treat depression is to become as informed about the illness as possible. Even the most severe cases of depression are treatable. If depression is stopping you from living the life you once loved, it’s time to speak with someone who can help. Learning about the different treatment options can help you and your doctor better decide which approach and treatment plan is right for you. Here’s how you can find the right treatment options that best fit your needs.


Learn as Much as You Can About your Depression


Depression can be caused by a multitude of factors. Just because it is considered a mental illness does not mean that physical ailmentsĀ cannot play a role. Some underlying or undiagnosed medical condition could be are what is causing your depression. If this is the case, the physical ailment will be addressed first. The severity of your depression is also a factor and will determine how intensive treatment needs to be.


Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy


Most people, when they hear the word “therapy“, they envision one-on-one sessions. However, there are a numerous amount of benefits that come with group therapy. Individual therapy can help you build a strong relationship with another person. This is beneficial for individuals who don’t feel comfortable sharing personal and private information with a group of “strangers.” But group therapy has its benefits as well. Hearing different viewpoints of others depression and their struggles can help you and the group build self-esteem together. Additionally, it’s possible to leave group therapy with new ideas, thought patterns, and tips on handling your depression. Some doctors may recommend a combination of group and individual depending on the person and circumstances.


It Does Take Time to Find the Right Treatment


The most important thing to remember and practice throughout your treatment process is patience. It may time some trial and error before finding the right treatment that works best. If you decide to pursue therapy, don’t be discouraged when it takes a few attempts to find a doctor you can really click with. The same goes for medicines. It may take a few different tries before you find the right medication combination that helps you the best.


Some Final Thoughts


Treating depression isn’t a one and done situation. Yes, you can take a pill and you might feel better rather quickly. Or you can choose to seek out therapy and feel better also pretty quickly. However, depression, like physical ailment or illness, isn’t cured overnight and does need to be managed. That’s why it’s so important to find the right treatment plan for you. The purpose of this plan is to be able to go back to it as many times as you need to. If you’re thinking about seeking treatment please call us today to set up an appointment to find out the plan that’s right for you.