How to Make the Most Out of Marriage Counseling


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


Marriage counseling isn’t a guarantee that your marriage will be saved. However, you will come out of it knowing both yourself and your relationship with your partner if you know how to make counseling work for you. With the help of a trained and highly skilled marriage counselor, you and your partner can see success for both of you. Here’s how!


Set Goals for Yourself

Remember, it takes two in a relationship. While many people go into counseling wanting their partner to change one thing or another about them, it’s also important to be mindful of your own shortcomings. How are your attitudes and behaviors impacting the current environment in your relationship? And how can you better manage those to better communicate your feelings?


Don’t Be Afraid to Open Up

When you’re in counseling, you’re there to do work. No one is there to judge you. It’s your time to really be vulnerable and do the inner work that needs to be done. Your counselor is only able to take you as far as you will let them. Opening up and doing the work can save you and your partner months in therapy. This is your safe space to really reveal your feelings to your partner.


Put in the Time

You can’t expect to be great at something if you never put in any time or effort. Just like you can’t expect the counseling sessions to work for you if you never make time for them. Everyone is busy, but where are your priorities? Is it your priority to save your marriage? There’s no harm in admitting that maybe it’s not. But, therapy can help you determine your priorities and help you see where you need to be putting your time in at.


Find Your Independence

Many couples come in because they feel as if they’ve already lost their other half. But what you fail to remember is that you were a whole person prior to them coming into yourself and you’re still a whole person. Find and regain some of your independence so you’re not asking your partner to be your entire support system. Therapy can help both of you remember what it was like to have a bit of independence before becoming a partner.

If you and your partner are struggling with communication or feeling like the marriage is over. We specialize in working with couples at all stages of relationships. Whether you’ve been married for six months or 6+ years, there’s no wrong time to seek counseling.