Couples Therapy Vs. Marriage Counseling: What’s the Difference?

Marriage counseling and couples therapy often get mixed up because they share so many similarities. Many professionals use these terms interchangeably, which can make things a bit confusing. The professional title of Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) has even begun … Read More

Navigating Valentine’s Day – Keeping it Real While Managing Expectations

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a total cynic, Valentine’s Day evokes some kind of emotion. It’s a holiday that expands expectations like a giant shiny, heart-shaped balloon. Whether you feel like Valentine’s Day is one day of the year … Read More

Differentiation vs. Attachment in Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

  Marriage counselor Relationships are complex, as are people. It’s this reason that understanding the variances in differentiation and attachment is so important. Marriage counseling and couples therapy is most effective when your counselor or therapist knows how to use … Read More

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