How To Rebuild Lost Trust In A Marriage


Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash


Trust is something that is earned over time and when it’s lost it can seem like the entire relationship is over. Trust can be lost over a number of different things. However, the most common of those are usually infidelity, hiding money, and just lying in general. Depending on your relationship and how you want to move forward together you absolutely can start to rebuild trust.

Building Trust

Trust is built over time and in small moments. In every interaction you have with your partner, you can either foster trust or lost trust. Though¬†this may seem like a lot of pressure, there is hope. One single moment is not that important, however, when you continue to turn away and let those little moments build up inside is when they start to turn a relationship sour. Overtime, you will begin to make negative comparisons and instead of cherishing your partner, you’ll begin to trash them. So what are some ways you and your partner can start to rebuild your trust with one another?

Flip your Internal Script

Negative thoughts can make you absolutely mad. When you’re consumed by negative thoughts, everything your partner does is going to be up for criticism or debate. Though this isn’t always easy, trying to flip your internal script can help you marriage. Learn to separate specific relationship problems from your overall view of your partner. Try to replace negative thoughts with ¬†compassion and empathy.

Create We Time

When you distrust your partner, it’s pretty easy to find reasons and excuses to not be around on another. Between work, kids, friends, family, holidays, birthdays, hair cuts, whatever. You can always find a reason to be busy. Happiness, both in and outside of a relationship, is a result of relishing what you have rather than gaining something new. Making time for each other will allow you to rebuild that lost connection and really get to know each other once again.

Marriage and relationships are not always easy. They’re work and they take time to develop. But as long as you continue to water your grass, your relationship with your partner will continue to flourish. If you and your partner are struggling with loss of trust, trust issues, or other common problems within a marriage, please call us to schedule an appointment. Our team of kind, caring, and open eared professional counselors can help you and partner navigate your new relationship territory.