New Parent? Make The Transition Easier

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash


Becoming a new parent comes with a lot of new changes and challenges for couples. New sleeping schedules, feeding schedules, and less time to spend with each other can make for a difficult transition. In one day your whole world changes and that’s not easy for anyone. Even though introducing a new baby into your family and life is a beautiful and fulfilling experience, it does come with some difficulties. Here are some challenges and tests you might face as a new parent.

Your Partner Bond Will be Tested

Long days, little sleep, and the introduction of a whole host of new responsibilities means conflict is more likely to occur. The “who does what” of the relationship becomes strained thanks to these new responsibilities. Additionally, intimacy and your sex life may taper off because of the high-stress. Becoming a parent only amplifies any previous difficulties your relationship had prior to the baby being born. Remember, you’re a team working with each other not against each other.

Your Social Ties Will be Tested

Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy or excited as you about your baby. Everyone is at different stages of their life and some people struggle to reconcile with that. This means some people may not want to hang out with you as much or ever. Your friends, and especially family, will likely have tons of advice for you. This can put a strain on you because you want to do what’s best for your new baby but may not always feel like their advice is right for you.

Your Intuition Will be Tested

Everyone thinks they know what’s best. Especially those with previous child-rearing experience. With so many people in your ear, it’s going to be hard to tune in and listen to your gut. While many of these individuals do have you and your child’s best interest in mind, ultimately your intuition should guide you to decide what is right for you and your baby.

Find Connection and Support with Us

Becoming a new parent comes with a lot of changes for couples. Please join us for a 6-week therapeutic support group that focuses on the emotional side of new parenthood. Led by North Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy therapists, we will in engage in such topics as managing anxiety and stress, relational issues between partners, attachment parenting, and managing the expectations of family and friends. This group is recommended for couples with children under the age of 2yo and will run Sunday, October 14th through Sunday, November 18th in our Williamsburg offices. Please don’t hesitate to call us for additional information 718-785-9718 or email Jen at  

The cost for the 6-week therapeutic support group will be $300 per couple for the series of six meetings.