4 Ways to Save Your Relationship Before Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy




When it comes to relationships, no one is perfect. There are times when you are both on different pages; maybe even in different books. If you find yourself unsure about seeking a relationship therapist or counselor, take a look at the list below and see if there are some things you can incorporate into your relationship before attending therapy.

  1. Spice up things in the bedroom

If you want to help save your relationship, you have to be mindful that sex is an important factor in your relationship. Not only sex, but creating intimacy is very important. By that we mean, get close to your partner and be happy when you’re together. Allow your emotions to do the talking and try to let go of some inhibitions. Try new things in the bedroom and don’t be afraid to experiment.

  1. Value honesty and cherish it

Be honest with your partner if you want things to work out long term. Honesty can sometimes be difficult to come by, especially when the honesty involves telling your partner something he or she may not want to hear. However, instead of focusing on your partner’s flaws, you should first assess your own. Honesty should always come with a bit of grace: If you’re going to be honest with your partner, you should be willing to listen to honest truths about yourself as well.

  1. Get rid of the ego

A lot of people go to relationship therapy because they can’t give up their egos. This is especially true with two people who are stubborn and would rather cut off their right arm than admit defeat, so to speak. When two people are stubborn like that, there’s no way their relationship will work. You should also strive to be kind to each other, and admit if you make a mistake. Don’t cover up wrongdoings with your ego, it will only lead to unnecessary conflict. When couples fight over insignificant things, issues from the past can resurface and nothing good ever comes from rehashing a past indiscretion you thought was forgiven.

  1. Stay focused on the good parts of the relationship

Positivity will always win out in the end — if you’re willing to let it. Communicate with each other and tell each other what bothers you out loud. Don’t withhold issues. Work out conflicts, and make concessions with your partner. Focusing on the good allows you to ignore the lesser things happening in your life.

If your relationship is beyond using the aforementioned techniques, North Brooklyn Marriage and Family Therapy is here to assist you. Our Williamsburg location employs licensed and certified relationship therapists who can help build a better connection with your partner. Contact us today and make an appointment.