Remote Marriage Counseling During Quarantine

Social distancing and quarantine situations can create extra stress and anxiety for a lot of people. For many couples and partners, it is an unusually difficult time, creating hardships on even the best relationships.

Being quarantined with your partner with nowhere to go to have some space, can bring up a lot of repressed emotions and if you are already experiencing relationship problems, you could reach a breaking point.

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According to a recent report on, divorce cases have risen in China as couples spend too much time together during coronavirus home quarantine. 

This is proof that if you and your partner are struggling, you are not alone, and it might be time for counseling or marriage therapy.

What Can You Do To Help Your Relationship?

Even temporary quarantine can have negative consequences on your relationship. The good news is there are several things you can do to cope.

  • Do Something For Yourself, By Yourself – Even in a small space you should be able to go into at least one room and close the door. This is a must. Take some time for yourself for an extra long bath or shower, meditate, read, talk to your friends online or watch a movie that you know your partner would not enjoy. It’s important to have some space, especially if your relationship is suffering.
  • Find A New Activity To Do Together – Physical activity plays a big role in your mental health so consider online classes, check out Google for at-home workout ideas, or if you live in an area where you can still walk outside in nature, do it together. Maybe you will find a new hobby that you can share with your partner for a long time to come.
  • Set Aside Time To Have A Real Conversation – Set aside time specifically with your partner to have conversations about the things that are bothering you and the issues your relationship is currently facing. Trying to start a conversation when one person is not ready or focused is not going to do anything but cause more fighting and problems. After you have shared your issues take time to find solutions the best way you can.
  • Remote Therapy Convenience, flexibility, and privacy are just a few of the reasons to begin marriage therapy remotely even beyond the Coronavirus. Remote therapy allows you to speak to a professional therapist while staying in the comfort of your own home. Being in your safe space to share your personal issues allows you to feel freer, and can often make therapy sessions even more effective.

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Is Remote Marriage Counseling For You?

Starting marriage counseling during this time probably feels overwhelming in itself. It may seem intimidating or even embarrassing to share relationship details with a stranger. But for couples starting marriage therapy for the first time by remote, it can make the experience easier.  

Opening up for the first time to a professional therapist isn’t always easy. If you can have your first session at home in a place where you feel safe, it is more than likely that your first session will be effective and you will be comfortable sharing even more.

An NPR interview with Seth Gillihan, a clinical psychologist in Philadelphia, says that he has switched all of his patient sessions online. He said it might feel weird for the first few minutes of that first video chat. But that you’ll hardly notice it after a while: 

“What people seem to find is that you forget about the medium relatively quickly. I think about it kind of like watching a movie. At some point, you stop being aware of the fact that you’re staring at a screen. Then, you get really immersed in the story.”

Marriage Counseling & Therapy Via Zoom

During social distancing, self-care is important. Remote video therapy is a great way to begin or continue to take care of your relationship. At Northbrooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy, we offer remote sessions available through HIPAA compliant platform Zoom. This service is available to all of our clients with all of our therapists.

Find out more about how we can continue to serve your individual and relationship needs during this stressful time. 

Wishing you continued good health.

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