What Can You Expect from Anger Management Therapy?

Anger therapy at North Brooklyn


anger management


What is anger management therapy?

Anger management therapy is designed to, according to Skills You Need, “help you recognize what makes you angry (triggers or catalysts for anger) and to get you to ask yourself questions about your anger such as “What type of people or situations make me angry?”, “What do I do when I am angry?”, and “How does my anger affect others around me?”

What are some emotional symptoms of anger?

One of the first questions your therapist asks you will likely be, “what makes you angry?” or “in what situations do you find yourself most angry?” Your therapist may then ask you to rate your anger on a scale of 1-10, depending on the situation. According to Skills You Need, you may give one of the following answers:

  • A desire to run away from the situation
  • Irritation
  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • Felling guilty or resentful
  • Anxiety, feeling anxious can manifest in many different ways
  • A feeling or desire to lash out verbally or physically

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list, as everyone is different and different situations can exacerbate anger.

How can anger physically manifest?

When you’re experiencing an anger episode, there are physical reactions your body goes through. These reactions can include:

  • Sweating
  • Rubbing your face frequently
  • Pacing
  • Raising your voice
  • Gesturing wildly (or using big gestures)

While these are only a few of the ways anger to physically show, knowing what your physical reactions are to anger can help during your sessions. Your therapist may ask you what happens when you get angry. Be sure to have a few on hand to discuss during your session.


What is the duration of sessions?

Typically, anger management therapy sessions can last between four and six weeks; although, they can last longer if needed. When looking for a therapist, it is important to find someone you think you will be comfortable opening up to. Before making a choice, keep in mind, the gender, age, location and, of course, expertise of potential therapists.


Should I have an “anger plan?”

Honestly, that’s a difficult question to answer as each patient is different. You and your therapist will decide the type of plan that is best for your situation. No two therapists are the same, so no two management plans will be exactly the same.


Anger management at North Brooklyn

Regardless of your level of anger, the professionals at North Brooklyn Family & Marriage Therapy can help create a plan that will allow you to manage it. Our trained therapists are equipped with the tools to show you coping mechanisms and assist you in knowing the signs of your anger. Contact us today at our Williamsburg location and let us help you.