Is Individual Therapy Right for Me?

individual therapy


Many people of all ages, races, and backgrounds seek out individual therapy for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they have anxiety, depression, or difficulties with life transitions. While other times, it’s because they are struggling with long-standing psychological issues. Individuals also often seek out therapy for advice and counsel while they pursue their own personal exploration and growth. Individual therapy is right for any person who wishes to take a proactive approach on finding their purpose and passion, while cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness.

How Can Individual Therapy Help Me?

Working with a skilled counselor can help you to discover new insight and strategies that help to support you through all of life’s constant changes and challenges. Therapy can provide a support system and enhance problem solving skills that can help you manage issues like:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship troubles
  • unresolved childhood issues
  • grief
  • stress
  • body image issues
  • creative blocks.

The beauty of therapy is that it can help to provide an entirely new and fresh perspective on old or longstanding issues.

What to Expect During Individual Therapy?

Typically, your first session will be all about getting to know you and what’s going on in your life. Everything from work to relationships, friendships, activities, passions, goals, and anything else that makes you, you. You can discuss you past and present mental and emotional concerns that you’d like to bring with you into therapy. It may take a few sessions for you and your counselor to develop enough of a rapport for you to feel comfortable to start diving in to what your issues you’d like to work on.

It’s highly encouraged that you primarily do most of the speaking. At first this may seem odd, but over time you will come to find that speaking your thoughts out loud has a cathartic effect. This can help you build your confidence to problem solve your issues after you leave therapy. Your counselor may sometimes assign you “homework”, which is designed to help you become more self-aware and develop healthier thinking patterns in your daily life for a more positive mood.

Put your Best Foot Forward

Individual therapy is confidential and a wonderful tool for anyone. Whether you’re dealing with heavier issues like grief, trauma, or depression or simply at one of life’s fork in the roads, therapy can help you develop the problem-solving skills necessary to be successful in and outside of therapy. Call us today to schedule an appointment so you can start living your best life.