7 Symptoms Of Depression



Photo by Leonard von Bibra on Unsplash


The reality of depression is that many people don’t really know what depression looks like. The reason for this is because depression doesn’t look like any one symptom. Of course, there are some common symptoms, however, these manifest in different ways in every person. For this reason, depression can be difficult to identify and diagnose. Fortunately, if you know what to look out for, it’s easier to receive the help you or a loved one may need.


1. Lashing Out

When people think of depression they imagine someone becoming a prisoner of their bed. In actuality, many people who suffer from depression still lead active lives. In some cases, depression can emerge as severe anger and irritability. What many people don’t realize is that not only is irritability a symptom of depression, it is also an indicator of a more severe case.


2. Extreme Guilt

Suffering from depression, over time, can lead to pathological guilt. This guilty feeling can quickly become all consuming. Some common things one may feel guilty for are being depressed, being born, or seeing the past as all failures.


3. Perfectionism

Again, someone suffering is not a bed ridden zombie. For years, many studies have indicated the link between “being perfect” and depression. This is because someone who views perfectionism as the goal will only feel acceptable to their self and others when they are “perfect”. Of course, perfect does not exist.


4. Everything is Dull

A surprising side effect of depression that is most difficult to catch is how everything begins to go dull. It’s very subtle and only the person suffering could possibly notice. Life seems subdued with bright colors seeming dull and music seems empty. Essentially, the entire world goes gray.

5. Memory Loss

Memory impairment can be so severe in some patients with depression that it can seem almost like dementia. When the weight of the emotional pain becomes too much to bear, it begins to impact our short term memory.


6. Feeling Hopeless

We all struggle with life from time to time. Some days are easier than others, but people often feel like life is hopeless. Depression affects your outlook on life and can make it seem like it’s “too heavy” to carry on. This is an important symptom to watch for as it can lead to more serious or rash actions.


7. Romanticizing Death

Depression is closely connected with suicide. Those who suffer may frequently talk about death, joke about wanting to die, or may romanticize dying. They also might have a plan or have attempted suicide in the past. In any case, all romanticizing of death should be taken seriously.


Depression is a serious illness that can be treated with the help of a professional. It is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, as it affects men, women, and children of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. If you feel like you, a friend or a loved one may be suffering from depression please call today to speak with one of our highly trained specialists.