Guided Meditation Workshops

Benefits of Guided Meditation Workshops

Guided meditation workshops are becoming popular places to gather with those who seek to improve aspects of their lives through the practice and study of meditation. Workshops are led by professionals who have usually been teaching and practicing meditation for many years, which makes these meeting places beneficial for someone who may have never meditated before. The benefits of guided meditation workshops stem from their ability to gather like-minded individuals. But before we discuss these benefits, let’s first talk about how meditation itself can benefit your life.

Guided meditation workshops are for everyone.

What are the Physical Benefits of Meditation?

Some individuals believe, with meditation, a person experiences a change in physiology and every cell in the body is filled with a type of energy. The results include joy, peace, enthusiasm as the level of positive energy in the body increases.

  • Help lower high blood pressure
  • Help reduce anxiety attacks
  • Help increase serotonin production that improves mood and behavior
  • Help increase your energy level
  • Help lessen inflammatory disorders
  • Help improve the immune system to fight off diseases faster and more efficiently

What are the Mental Benefits of Meditation?

In 2014, Harvard University conducted a study that unveiled what meditation does to the brain. The study found that, while meditating for 30 minutes a day, participants displayed an increase in gray-matter density in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain associated with memory and learning. It’s no surprise that meditation has the ability to effect the brain, as it can help bring your brainwave pattern back into a relaxed state that promotes healing. Thereby, the mind becomes aware and refreshed.

  • Help improve emotional stability
  • Help increase creativity by clearing the mind
  • Help increase a sense of happiness
  • Help develop a better sense of intuition and knowing
  • Help obtain clarity and peace of mind
  • Help reduce stress, thereby making problems seem smaller

 What are the Benefits of Guided Meditation Workshops?

With all the positive outcomes that go along with meditation, you may be wondering, “how do I get started?” Meditation is more than breathing exercises, and a guided meditation workshop is a great way to learn the proper way to obtain all the benefits you seek.

  1. You’re not expected to come in knowing anything about meditation

If you’ve never meditated before—or even if you have—you’re not expected to come to a workshop knowing exactly what to do. This is why it’s a guided workshop. The teacher or instructor will show you what you need to do and, hopefully, motivate you to return.

  1. The atmosphere is calming and not judgmental

Because most individuals who participate in meditation are looking for positive outcomes, there is a sense of belonging and peace. The soothing mood is almost palpable when you enter.

  1. Everyone wants to support you and whatever has brought you there

Being a novice or someone who has studied meditation for years makes no difference when you’re surrounded by people who are looking for the same level of serenity you are. Everyone is there to support you and help you attain your goals.

Join Us – Meditation Workshops

Consistency is key if you want to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Allow one of our licensed therapists to kick start your new practice through guided meditations and helpful insight.

Breakdown: 10 minutes of mindfulness education > 30 minute guided meditation > 10 minutes of group discussion (not mandatory)

Please, reserve your spot on our Facebook group, as space is limited.

Workshops are held every Saturday beginning October 22, from 4:30–5:30 p.m. at 315 Graham Avenue at our Williamsburg location. For more information, please contact us and find out how you can meditate your way to better well-being.