Two Amazing Years in North Brooklyn

North Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy


All that’s happened!

Two years ago we had this idea that North Brooklyn could benefit from a quality therapy practice serving the needs of individuals and couples.  We had a thought that there was a need, but we had no idea of the response we would get!  We have grown to ten therapists with a focus on wholeness and connection.  We combine the latest research on mental health care with heart for the people we treat.  Over our time in this community we have seen the need for both excellence and affordability.  We began a training program that also allows us to offer therapy at sliding scales, lower fees that makes therapy more accessible.

What we’ve seen.

Our training includes a systemic perspective on human interactions.  This makes us particularly well suited to working with people who need help with communication or conflict resolution.  These two years have brought us lots of couples and individuals, but we have also seen business partners, families and adult siblings in need of assistance.  Our couples include every kind of New York City couple you can imagine.  We see clients struggling with the rebuilding of trust after an infidelity.  We see separated couples working toward better co-parenting.  We see couples adjusting to the life changing event of a first child.   We see individuals who long to find the right partner.  We see people wanting to find work that is a passion for them or wanting to reduce their anxiety.

Where we are going.

To meet the needs of North Brooklyn we are expanding into a second location in Greenpoint.  As our neighborhood grows and changes we hope to grow with it.  Our new location includes space for groups.  We plan to continue to offer premarital groups and baby preparation groups.  We hope to add an anger management group.  If you have an idea of a group that you would find useful and that others might benefit from, please let us know.  We have added the services of a certified sex therapist, in order to help with intimacy issues and sexual dysfunction.  We are pleased to be able to offer therapy in both Greenpoint and Williamsburg. We look forward to many more years of helping couples move closer together and individuals improve their lives.  Thank you!


By Jennifer Aull, LMFT and Owner